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Our Mission

Help homeless animals and support independent rescuers in their intent to care for street animals. Sterilize, provide food, veterinary care and fight against abandonment and mistreatment by creating a national consciousness of love and respect for animals. Educate and teach children that seeing an animal suffering on our streets is not normal. Promote responsible animal ownership through sterilization, vaccination, and adoption of animals in Puerto Rico.

Adoption Policy


From the First Part: _____________________________________________. Hereinafter known as La / El Rescatista, who delivers as an adoption to an adoption home. -------------------------------------------------- -------------
Of the Second Part: ____________________________________________. Hereinafter known as The Adoptor, who adopts the pet in her adoption home. -------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------


1. That the first part is dedicated to the protection and defense of animals in Puerto Rico That it is your best and greatest desire and interest motivated to place the pet in an adoptive home committed to providing a life of well-being, of protection, security and love. ----------------------------
2. That the second part is interested in adopting a pet. as described below: (name, race or predominance of mixed race, gender or sex, age or time, approximate weight, color and any other data considered relevant to verify). -------------------------------------------------- ------------------
3. That the Adopter undertakes to provide the pet, which she receives for adoption, in good conditions that guarantee her safety. your health and her well-being. This includes: in a safe place that makes it impossible to escape, without being kept tied up, so the property must be harassed or fenced around, providing a covered area that serves as a shelter and rest, so that it avoids being out in the open. against inclement weather and other potentially damaging dangers. -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
4. Commit to vaccinate and sterilize the animal if the case warrants it. Keep your vaccinations up to date. That is, deworm it and reactivate both vaccines annually: against diseases and rabies. ---------------------------
5. That the Adopter / EI may not, under any circumstances, transfer the pet that is given for adoption to third parties, that the pet will not be transferred as a gift or gift. Neither sold, nor used to reproduce with the interest of selling their offspring for profit. --------------------------
6. That the Adoptor agrees to notify the Rescuer of any eventuality that makes it impossible for him / her to continue to be attached to the pet in her home. That, if it is required to separate from the pet, it will return it to the Rescuer, to rule out the option of delivering it to a shelter where it could be euthanized. -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------
7. That the Adoptor agrees, by means of this document, to allow periodic inspection of the pet by the Rescuer at the adoption home. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------
8. That the Adoptor / EI acknowledges and accepts that the Rescuer / EI will retain the rights to recover back the pet given up for adoption for breach of what is agreed here. -------------------------------------------
9. That the Rescuer may immediately remove the pet from the Adoptor's adoption home against mistreatment, cruelty, abandonment, neglect, abuse or other, as established by Law # 154 of August 4, 2008. Law for the Welfare and Protection of Animals in Puerto Rico. -
10. That the Adopter / EI certifies that it has read and understood the content of this contract, and thereby undertakes to comply with each and every one of the conditions set forth. -------------------------------------------------- ---------------

Given in the Municipality of______________________, in Puerto Rico, on the ______ of the month of ______________________________ of the year ___________.

Name of the Adopter: _______________________________________

Signature of the Adopter / EI: _________________________________________

Telephone 1): __________________________________

Telephone (2): __________________________________

Adoption Home Address: ___________________________________________________________________

Name of Close Family Member: __________________________________________

Close relative phone (s): ______________________________

Address of close family member: __________________________________________

Name of Rescuer / EI: ___________________________________________

Signature of Rescuer: ___________________________________________

Telephone 1): _____________________________________

Telephone (2): _____________________________________

Address of the Rescuer / EI: ___________________________________________________________________Pd. Due to COVID 19, inspections and / or home visits will not be carried out until further notice.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets