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Love of All Dogs

Rio Grande, PR

Our Mission

I believe this is my mission, my passion, my everyday drive. I take part on a day to day basis in the rescuing and rehabilitation of countless abandoned animals found on the streets of Puerto Rico. It fills my soul with joy to help these animals find the happy life they deserve.

Adoption Policy

Love of All Dogs pet parents agree to care for a dog humanely, including providing adequate food, water, shelter, love and attention. Proper protocol must be followed in regards to caring for the animals, which also means that no alterations are to be made to the dog (no cropping of ears, no docking of tail). Dogs shall be maintained in an adequate enclosed area. They shall not be allowed to roam at will. Adopters agree to have the dog vaccinated annually with necessary inoculations (DHLP-P) and vaccinated against Rabies, as local ordinances require. Adopters also agree to provide essential veterinary care, as needed. If the dog becomes lost or stolen, adopters agree to notify a Love of All Dogs staff member or Nilsa Delgado immediately.

Adopters also agree not to sell, trade or dispose of this dog. If at any time, the adopter is unable or unwilling to care for the dog, he/she agrees to contact and return the dog to a Love of All Dogs staff member or Nilsa Delgado. If a problem does arise that may cause the adopter to give the dog back, the adopter/foster must give at least 48-hour notice prior to bringing him/her back to us.

Adopter further agrees that the dog shall not be used for medical or any other experimental purposes or sold or given to a pet store, supplier or wholesaler.

Adopter agrees that the dog will not be used for any illegal purposes and will NEVER partake in dog fighting in any way. If this clause is broken, he/she understand that the dog will be immediately confiscated by Love of All Dogs staff or Nilsa Delgado, and law enforcement agencies will be notified.

Adopter agrees to notify Love of All Dogs staff or Nilsa Delgado within 10 days of any change of address or phone number. It is also understood that Love of All Dogs staff or Nilsa Delgado may examine and make inquiries about the dog at any time. If not satisfied with the condition of the dog or the conditions in which it is kept, said dog can or may be removed immediately and placed in a different home. Any veterinary services needed due to negligence or lack of care will be the adopter’s responsibility.

Adopter understands that Love of All Dogs staff or Nilsa Delgado makes no guarantees or warranties regarding the health or temperament of this dog. Adopter promises and agrees to be solely responsible for this animal, and to indemnify and hold harmless Love of All Dogs staff or Nilsa Delgado from any and all claims of liability for the conduct of this animal on or after the date of this adoption. This Release of Liability and Indemnification shall apply to all known, unknown and unanticipated damages resulting from the adoption, ownership or control of such animal.

Adopter agrees that you may not euthanize the dog except in the case of the dogs terminal illness, injury or old age accompanied by pain and suffering. In that case, euthanasia must be performed humanely by a licensed veterinarian.

Adopter understands that adopting a dog is a 10-15 year commitment.

Adopter understands that he/she must take the dog to the vet for annual wellness exams and necessary vaccinations.

Adopter understands that proof of spay / neuter must be provided within 6 months of adoption in order for the adoption to be finalized. Failure to do so will void this contract and will result in a request for the dog to be returned.

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