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Our Mission

The Luving Paws Foundation is a non-profit 501-c3 dedicated to provide a home environment and compassionate care for Bori Doggies who are lost, surrender, abandoned or homeless in Puerto Rico, while we vet,rehabilitate,nurtured them in a loving,enrichment space where they heal from fear, physical or emotional trauma, mistreatment or loss of a caregiver and finally we place them into loving homes through adoption.

We promote and strengthen the human animal bond educating children and adults and we encourage the spay and neuter of companion animals.

Their founders Daphne Osorio and Steven Craig Trottier behaviorist with 30 years experience rescuing dogs have been rehabilitated more than 12,000 dogs not only for Luving Paws but for other rescues organizations in PR and USA.

We believe all rescues need a second chance and our facilities are design,developed and build to create the perfect healthy,balance and enrichment environment for every rescue we can help.

Why Bori Doggies?

All street,stray,abandoned,abused,neglected and surrendered dog ARE NOT SATOS!!

SATOS are our mixed mutts they are amazing,resilient and lovelies,their immune system is stronger than pure breed dogs, trait that give them a longevity.

Before Spain discovered Puerto Rico it was called BORIQUÉN by the Taínos. All Puertorrican born and raised in Puerto Rico are called BORICUA.

Bori Doggies are our dogs born and raised in our island no matter if they are satos or pure breed; all are our dogs!

Bori Doggies are the PRIDE of Puertorricans and Puerto Rico.

Daphne Osorio
Nani,Rescuer & 100% BORICUA

Adoption Policy

A Bori Doggie steals your heart?

The Adoption Process: What to Expect

We asks a lot of questions in our adoption application to prospective adopters for two main reasons:

1) To ensure long-term homes for the dogs in our care
2) To facilitate good matches between adopters and their adopted companions.

What questions will I be asked?

We require adopters to complete our adoption application. The application will include questions about basic contact information, your housing situation, the number of people in your home, the number of pets in your home, your activity level, and your expectations for the animal you are looking to adopt; just to name a few.

Why do we ask so many questions?

First you should consider why pets are surrendered in the first place. Some of the main reasons for surrenders are landlord issues, moving, the cost to care for the animal, not enough time to spend with the animal and allergies.

Many pets lose their homes because of financial issues that their owners weren’t prepared for. In other cases, it’s not a good match between the pet and family. Consider these all too common scenarios:

A high-energy dog being adopted by a family that doesn’t have enough time for daily walks and exercise
An under socialized dog that is adopted by a family with young high energy children.
A dog that does not get along well with other pets, being adopted to a home with other animals
To prevent such painful situations for the pets and people involved, we carefully evaluate potential adopters in hopes of avoiding these mismatched relationships.

How can I be prepared?

Having an animal is a life long commitment so it’s definitely worth being patient and taking your time to ensure the best match. Be sure to consider what kind of pet you would like- large, small, young, old, mellow or high energy.
Decide what will work best for you and your family and be sure to take into consideration the amount of time and money you will be able to provide for a new pet.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets