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Our Mission

Save Our Strays main focus is to improve the lives of homeless cats through TNR (trap,neuter,release) of unsocial community cats, and rescuing the friendly strays.We pull young kittens-old adult's off the streets Pittsburgh and getting them fully vetted & into loving homes. We use some of our profits on community cats, for spay & neuter or injured ones that do not have anyone to pay their vet bills.

Adoption Policy

Please give your new pet TIME. It can take up to 3 weeks for even the most social cat to get used to their new home. Have one room set up for your new kitty, with limited spaces to hide. You can add a cardboard box and a blanket, for a guaranteed go to spot. DO NOT free feed your kitty. Feed 3 small meals (or two) a day and you bring in the food to them. Most cats LOVE canned cat food. So maybe half a canned and some quality dry food, is an good meal. Followed by some play time before or after, makes the new one very happy. You can add lysine powder or Forta Flora for additional nutrients.

DO NOT DECLAW YOUR CAT. There are nail caps you can put on them(or have a vet do so) that work really well. They do not like them, but get used to them. So use this as a last resort.

Take your cat to the vet at least once per year for checkups and vaccines. If your cat seems sick, injured, or is displaying behavioral issues- seek veterinary care IMMEDIATELY. Animal Friends has wellness appointments for $40.

Always provide adequate food, water (at all times) and a clean litter box for your cat.

Keep your cat inside. Cats that are allowed to roam outside can contract feline carried diseases. They can be seriously injured fighting with other cats, caught in a trap and get their ear tipped or worst of all be killed when hit by a car.

Provide enrichment for your cat. Cats need to scratch, chase, hunt, hide, and play. Provide scratching posts, toys, boxes, play-time and other items designed for a cat will stimulate and entertain them while also helping to prevent unwanted behaviors.

Never attempt to punish a cat. They will only learn to be fearful of you. Instead- redirect their attention with toys and play.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets