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Kitten Snatchers

Philadelphia, PA

Our Mission

Our mission is to save Philadelphia throwaway cats, provide medical care for cats in need and finding homes for the friendly stray cats and kittens!

Adoption Policy

Every adopter has to fill out an adoption application that will collect information on name, address, former and current pets, vets used, returned animals, return reasons, scratching needs and budget for the animal. This information will be reviewed and we do vet checks. Once the adoption application is processed, the adopter will receive an approval email. After that we set up meets with adopter and animal to make sure it is a good fit. Only then, and if the animal is ready, can the adopter take an animal home - prior to that he/she will have to fill out a contract and submit payment. We usually follow up one month after adoption to make sure all is well.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets