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The Coalition for Feral Cats of Lehigh Valley

Nazareth, PA

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement
We want to give as many community (feral) cats a chance at life. Not to be abused, abandoned, or murdered simply for being alive. To stop the overpopulation of feral cats without killing.
We will allow nothing to stop us from saving them. Our goal is to enlarge our shelter for homeless felines with the ability to find homes for God’s amazing creations. To have a clinic and onsite veterinarian to perform neutering and spaying of feral felines. Benefiting both the community and the homeless felines.
To improve the old form of TNR which mainly benefits the humans. Replacing the old form with a new and improved form that will greatly improve the benefits to mankind but will also greatly improve the lives of the feral cat community. Included in this new form will be educating the public on the truths and myths about feral cat colonies.
We envision feral colonies and the human population living in harmony. With the mankind being educated to the truths and benefits of feral colonies.
God bless,
The Staff
The Coalition for Feral Cats of Lehigh Valley

We do this for Jesus Colony cleanup Theresa and Grey Pastor Larry Goodie times A few of our many volunteers

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