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Hope and New Beginnings Cat Rescue

Media, PA

Our Mission

At Hope & New Beginnings Cat Rescue, our mission is to provide new beginnings for all felines, irrespective of their origin or current circumstances. Whether they are in need of shelter, are living outdoors, or facing other challenges, we are here to offer them a fresh start. Unlike others, we willingly accept cases that others may turn away, and we wholeheartedly believe in giving every cat the best opportunity for a healthy and happy life.
All our cats receive comprehensive veterinary care, including fecal and felv/fiv testing, as well as sterilization. By ensuring that our cats are fully vetted, we aim to guarantee their well-being and prevent the spread of diseases. Our ultimate objective is to find the purr-fect home for each cat, where they can build lasting companionships and experience the love and care they deserve.
Join us in our endeavors to provide second chances and create forever homes for as many cats as possible. Together, let's make a difference in the lives of these amazing feline creatures.

Adoption Policy

We have a simple yet thorough application process that discusses what they are looking for, what pets they current have in home along with previous pets. We do require a vet check to ensure all there pets are up to date and taken care of. Along with 3 personal references. We do inquire about housing to prevent people from adopting animals against their landlords wishes as that often leads to the cat having to be replaced in another home.

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