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Our Mission

The mission of APR is both simple and impactful and with your support, we can continue our mission in 2022 and continue giving pugs second chances at happy lives.

We pledge to: Provide a safe alternative to shelters for pugs in need. Care for the pugs in our rescue, provide medical care, and help them on their journey to an adoptive, forever home. Educate owners and prospective owners about the unique needs and health issues associated with the pug breed. Coordinate with other local and pug-specific rescues to facilitate transport, placement, and care for pugs in our service area. We are 100% non-profit and without the support of animal lovers like yourself we cannot save those in need.

Please consider donating to our rescue mission, every dollar and wishlist gift donated will go to giving these tiny pugs the happy lives they truly deserve. Thank you in advance for your compassion towards animals.

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