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EnVi Dog Rescue and Animal Sanctuary

Lansdale, PA

Our Mission

We are a 501 c 3 non profit organization. We specialize in seniors, hospice, special needs, and neglect cases. However, we do take in any animal that needs our help. We take them in and give them the rest best of their life as possible in a home environment and not in a cage or shelter. Any animals not adopted out of our rescue will live with us the rest of their life in the sanctuary portion. We are no kill rescue.

Adoption Policy

We do a foster to adopt process with our adoptable animals. We have them take home the animal for 3 weeks and let them decompress getting them used to the new environment. After the 3 week period is up we do a meet and see how they feel the pet fits in their home. This point is where we will finalize the adoption process if it applies to this family.

We only adopt out our animals to pa residents only about 2 hours from Philly area. This is to ensure that if it did not work out with the dog someone is interested in that we would get them back.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets