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To Love a Canine Rescue, Inc

Kimberton, PA

Our Mission

To Love a Canine Rescue, Inc. (TLC) is a non-profit, all breed, foster based, dog rescue operating in Chester County, PA. Our mission is to rescue and find permanent homes for abandoned, stray and surrendered dogs in order to minimize the needless euthanizing of animals.

TLC was born in the spring of 2013 when our eight founding members decided they wanted to combine their collective experience in pet rescue and community service into one organization. We have a mutual passion, and a unified vision, for saving dogs as well as a thirst to educate the community on reducing the number of dogs needing rescue.

Adoption Policy

We do our best to keep the adoption process simple and straight-forward. We want you to find your new family member and we want our rescues to find their forever home.

We are not a shelter that you can visit; our dogs live in the homes of our volunteers so we only schedule meetings/adoptions with approved applicants. While we do take some of our available dogs to meet & greets at pet stores & community events so the general public can meet them in person, we do NOT adopt dogs at those events/locations.

The first step to meeting/adopting one of our dogs is to submit an application giving To Love a Canine Rescue, Inc. information about yourself, your family, your home and your experience with pets. All applicants will be asked to provide multiple personal references.

If you have pets or have had a pet in the recent past, you will also need to provide the name & phone number of the veterinarian who provided routine care to those pets for us to use as your vet reference.

If you do not own your home, even if you are an adult child living in your parent's home, you need to provide the name & phone # of your landlord/the home owner. Please understand that we cannot adopt to you if your lease does not allow for a dog/additional pet. If you are permitted to bring a new dog into the home, we will only adopt one that fits within any restrictions your landlord/the homeowner sets.

Our goal is to find our animals the best possible home and, if multiple applications are received for the same dog, To Love a Canine Rescue, Inc. will make the decision as to which home would be best for that particular dog.      

Please Note:

We require that all dogs and cats in your household are spayed or neutered, kept up-to-date on legally mandated vaccines and that they are seen annually for a veterinary check-up. We also require dogs to be current on heartworm testing and for them to be on heartworm preventatives year-round

We do not require a fenced in yard and don’t have restrictions regarding children for all dogs but may have additional requirements or restrictions where appropriate/necessary for a specific dog

Depending on the dog you are interested in, or any special needs consideration, we may also schedule a home visit

While we work around an approved applicant’s schedule to set up a meeting/adoption appointment, we do not hold dogs that are ready for adoption for someone to adopt at a later date. If you are unable to adopt the dog when it is ready for adoption, we will allow another approved applicant to meet & adopt that dog if it is a good fit for their family.

We conduct our adoption appointments in Malvern, PA. While we will adopt to applicants that do not live in our local area, we do not ship animals to adopters. We work hard to try to ensure that the match between our adopter and the dog is a mutually good fit and feel it is important that a potential adopter’s family, including children and any resident dogs, meet the dog in person prior to making the commitment to adopt.
Since we are a foster-based rescue and we need to coordinate with foster families, we only set up private appointments/adoptions with approved applicants. We bring a selection of our dogs to “Meet & Greets” at local pet stores & community events to meet the general public (in compliance with PA Dog Law, adoptions cannot be conducted at these public events).

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