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Our Mission

Providing help to companion animals by rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, and spay/neuter, while creating a more compassionate and caring community for animals through education.

Adoption Policy

Thank you for your interest in adopting from Cocoa Kitties.

Here are a few things we need you to know before we start this process.

~All of our kitties are adopted on a first come first serve basis. We process applications as they are received and hope this process can be completed quickly.
~In order for us to complete your application quickly and efficiently please let your references know that we will be contacting them and ask that they get back to us as soon as they can.
~It is very important to let your veterinarian know that we will be contacting them because many will not talk with us unless you give them permission to do so.
~Your current pets do need to be current on their core vaccinations and preventatives unless your veterinarian informs us of a medical reason why they can not be.
~Your current pets must be spayed/neutered if they are of the appropriate age to be altered unless your veterinarian informs us of a medical reason they can not be altered.
~We do not declaw our kitties and we do not allow our adopted kitties to be declawed.
~If you are adopting a kitten and have no other pets at home please consider adopting two. Kittens thrive in pairs.
~You must be 21 years of age or older to adopt.

Once your application is completed and approved you will receive an email with the foster families information and instructions to set up a meet and greet and once that is completed then we can reserve your kitty. Kittens tend to go fast so if you see one you like please do not hesitate to submit an application.

Our kitties can go home once they are spayed/neutered and for kittens that is around 12 weeks of age. The kitties are vaccinated age appropriately, tested for FELV/FIV, microchipped and started on flea prevention. Kitties are also dewormed on a schedule but could require additional deworming after their adoption.

Please remember a kitty requires a 100% committed family for the kitty's entire lifetime which is some cases can be more than 20 years. Talk this through completely with your family and make sure everyone is onboard before completing this application.

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