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Our Mission

Our goal has always been clear. We are in it for the animals. Our main focus is Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return programs to curb the over population. Our methods incorporate the most humane trapping methods and effective colony management over all. In doing so, we do not return kittens, friendly, sick, or injured, cats who can be placed for adoption. We will always strive to be a continuing educational resource for the community.

Adoption Policy

Please thoroughly read all of the information before applying for a Kitten Scoop Alum!

Fill out an adoption application thoroughly. Including zip codes, and other references listed in the question sections. If you do not fill in the app thoroughly and the next one we receive is filled in, we will take that one first.
If you do not have any younger cats in your home (under 5 years old) you should apply for two kittens. We will not adopt out a single kitten to a home with senior pets, or those that want only one kitten. This is as much your benefit as it is the young kitten you want to adopt. They socialize and adjust much better in pairs. Most behavior issues that develop and require a kitten to come back to us, can be attributed to a “lonely only child behavior.”

Please have a vet reference. If you do not currently have a vet, you can reach out to us first to get a recommendation in your area. Our adoption contract requires a vet visit within 30 days of adoption. This ensures that you get a healthy kitten(s) and to get your kitten on the record at your vet in case of an emergency. You are ten times more likely to get appointments having new pets already on their records. You must have a vet in mind who is accepting new patients before we even process your application.

We will do a personal/virtual in home visit. During this time, we will educate you on proper introductions, acclimations to your home, and what products they are currently using for food and litter.

Please note that if you submit an application, you may not receive a response from us. We will reach out to applicants within a few days if they are approved.

Our goal is to place pets in permanent, loving homes. Please complete our application, so we can assist you with finding a special, compatible companion to join your family. With this information, we can minimize the risk of a failed adoption. Once approved for adoption, there is a separate adoption contract that you will sign as an agreement between you and Kitten Scoop.

***We reserve the right to decline any application.***

?***Must be 18 to apply and have permanent residency. ***


Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets