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Trash Cat Rescue

Gibsonia, PA

Our Mission

To reduce feline suffering and overpopulation using a combination of TNR and adoptions. We foster and socialize whenever we have the resources to do so, including behavioral cats and kittens who might otherwise just be candidates for TNR.

Adoption Policy

Typically the potential adopter reaches out either with or without a specific cat in mind. We will usually ask questions about the type of cat the adopter is interested in (any preferences as far as gender, color, personality, etc.), as well as the sort of home the cat would be going to (any kids, other pets, etc.). If we have a cat or kitten who would be a good fit, the adopter can fill out our application for that animal. If not, the person can still fill out the app, and we will keep them if mind if we end up with a cat who we think would be a good fit. Once the app is reviewed/approved (including checking vet and landlord references), we would chat any further with the adopter if needed, and then schedule a meet and greet with them with the cat or kitten. If the animal and the adopter hit it off, the adopter would then fill out our adoption agreement, pay the adoption fee, and take the cat or kitten home!

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets