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Our Mission

We work 24/7 to help senior pets and animals with medical needs. We have the Rescue Ranch Sanctuary in Windsor, PA where many fur buddies live out their lives running free on 12 acres and sleeping wherever they would like at the ranch. We even have a Meow Wow House for our feline friends and of course a few "Ranch Cats" that choose to think they are dogs and hang with the canines :) Our adoptable pets are in foster homes for the most part and we are always looking for more Amazing foster families!

Adoption Policy

We will require 2 references and a neighbor reference on our application if the information is not there we will go no further with the application. We also ask that you call your vet to give them the OK to speak with us since without your OK we will not be able to get the information we require on you existing pets.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets