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Our Mission

Check ARF-Aruba out on Facebook too.   Please contact us if you are interested in being a foster as well.

ARF-Aruba is a nonprofit organization that raises funds and provides care for the homeless, hungry, and neglected dogs and cats of Aruba. We work to get these animals veterinary care, food, shelter, and a forever home.  We also try to spay/neuter as many dogs and cats as possible to humanely control their population. Through donations and endless hours contributed by our volunteers, we have been able to rescue many needy animals on the island

Adoption Policy

If you’d like to adopt a dog or cat from Aruba, it is not difficult.  Many tourists befriend a dog or cat on the beach and would like to provide a loving home for the animal.  ARF-Aruba can help make this process an easy one. Other animal loving tourists who would like to provide a home to a puppy or kitten are encouraged to contact us as well.  There are always pups and kittens available for adoption in Aruba.  While on the Island,  visitors can contact ARF-Aruba for information or assistance.

The dog or cat will need to be evaluated by an Aruba veterinarian to make sure the animal is healthy enough to travel.  If it is healthy, it will be given the appropriate vaccinations and the veterinarian will then provide a health certificate to allow the animal to be transported to another country.  There is no rabies on the Island of Aruba so there is no quarantine period when taking

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Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets