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Our Mission

We believe that every animal deserves a second chance. Whether homeless, abandoned or abused it is our mission to rescue, rehabilitate and find forever, loving homes for each one of them. We do not specialize in “designer” animals. We are dedicated to the broken souls who have never had the opportunity to be in a safe environment or feel affection in their lifetime. Each animal becomes our family and is lovingly cared for by our staff. All medical needs are assessed and addressed, and we teach them that humans are capable of caring and deserving of trust. We are a 501.(3) (c) and do not receive federal, state or local funding. Our rescue is run solely on donations and the kindness of our volunteers.

Adoption Policy

Our goal is to place our animals in the forever, loving home that best fits them and meets their needs. We believe in responsible adoptions through applications, reference, veterinary checks and home visits. We require a personal “meet and greet” between potential adopters and our animals giving the opportunity to interact and determine if they connect. We are diligent in our mission to find the perfect match between our animals and our adopters.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets