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No Paws Left Behind Animal Rescue

Claridge, PA

Our Mission

Our mission is to help educate the public about animals, provide veterinarian care for the unwanted animals in the area, focus on finding them forever homes or TNVR along with establishing feeders for local colonies. We focus on community cats, TNR, providing shelter, food and love for the homeless or unwanted cats in the area. We adopt out all friendly animals and give each cat a commitment to finding them a place to call home.

We are an all volunteer rescue and adoption service. We fully vet and care for every cat or animal we rescue. We are foster based only with the goals of having a facility.

Our founders live in the Penn Township area in Westmoreland county. We focus on rescue to help make an impact in our direct community.

Adoption Policy

Copy the application here.
Email the information requested on the application. Include your Full name and Animal you are applying for in the subject.

Potential adopters must fill out the application. Once the application is submitted we review the information to ensure everything on the application is true and correct.
We require all adults who live in the home to be listed on the application.

If you own your home, we check by searching the public record of deeds or having a copy of the deed sent to us.
If you rent, we require you to have permission from your landlord via the lease, written or verbal permission spoken directly to one our of Rescue Staff to be permitted to have a pet. You must be aware of any additional pet deposits, monthly pet fees, or pet policies that your landlord may have.

We require all current pets to be listed on the application. We also require previous pets within the last 5years to be listed on the application. We require veterinarian information / references for these animals. We do a vet check to ensure your current pets are up to date on Rabies Vaccinations by law and previous pets were cared for.
If you do not have any current pets, we will recommend a vet to you.

We ask specific questions on the application about the type of animal you are looking for and your lifestyle to match you with the proper potential animals that fit your needs.

Once this information is approved, you receive a notification / message from one of our volunteers. Then the process of selecting an animal occurs. We are foster based only, you can do meet and greets or we can bring the kitty for a few day overnight stay to ensure it is the proper fit. Our final home check is delivering the kitty to the new home.

Adoption Application

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