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K9 Crazy Puppy Rescue

Camp Hill, PA

Our Mission

K9 Crazy Puppy Rescue is a foster home network that provides a safe and loving environment to stray, orphaned, and owner surrendered moms and puppies on their journey to their furever homes. K9 Crazy is based in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

Adoption Policy

You must have an approved application to be invited to meet any of our puppies. K9 CRAZY PUPPY RESCUE DOES NOT OFFER A TRIAL PERIOD FOR OUR FOSTER PUPPIES AND DOGS. If you are invited to a foster parent’s home to meet an animal and you and the foster agree it is a good match, you will be invited to adopt and take the animal home with you at the time of the meeting. K9 Crazy Puppy Rescue does not hold dogs or puppies and places animals in the best, first available home. If you choose to adopt a dog or puppy from K9 Crazy Puppy Rescue, you will be required to sign a legally binding adoption contract and abide by the terms detailed in the contract. YOU ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO READ THE CONTRACT IN ITS ENTIRETY BEFORE SIGNING IT.

If your application with K9 Crazy Puppy Rescue is approved it will remain on file for three years. Your contact information will be forwarded to the foster parent of the puppy/dog/litter in which you have expressed interest. The foster parent will be in contact with you to update you on their availability for a meet and greet. Many of our foster parents work full-time jobs and have families as well as volunteer for the rescue. Generally they should be in contact with you within 24 hours. Please keep in mind it is up to the individual foster parent to decide who they invite to meet their foster dogs and puppies, since they know them best. If you are bringing young children to meet the puppies, you should prepare your children that there is no guarantee that you will be bringing a puppy home. Please do not give them the impression that you are going to just pick one out and take it home. If we see that the dog/puppies are not a good fit with your family, we will not proceed with the adoption.

If a meet and greet is set up, we ask that you are prepared to adopt at the time of the meeting provided everyone agrees that it is a good match. We do not encourage multiple visits. If you're invited for a meet and greet please keep in mind that you will be visiting someone's home. Adoption time can be disruptive to our families and many times foster parents set up multiple appointments for that day. Your punctuality is appreciated.


We understand that you may be looking for a new furry family member at other rescues or shelters. However, we ask that you do not visit any other shelters, Humane Societies, or foster homes on the same day that you visit one of our foster homes. You could meet another dog or puppy that appears healthy but could be shedding a virus and not yet showing symptoms of an illness. We need to do all that we can to protect our dogs and puppies and keep them safe.

Thank you for choosing rescue!

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