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Stray Solutions Animal Rescue

Butler, PA

Our Mission

We serve as a resource for stray, homeless, abandoned animals, discovered litters of kittens/puppies, those in need of rehoming due to various circumstances, injured or pregnant animals, abused or neglected animals in the communities. (This list is not all inclusive). Animals will be accepted into Stray Solutions Animal Rescue care by all lawful means. We will also collaborate with existing animal welfare groups within the communities. We believe since we do not have a shelter that we can serve more animals by placing them in good foster homes where they will be cared for appropriately and socialized until they are ready to be adopted into permanent, loving homes. Therefore, all of the money that is donated to our organization will go directly to meeting the needs of the animals and adoption related activities and not to building maintenance, paid staff and overhead.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets