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Senior Hearts Rescue and Renewal

Bradfordwoods, PA

Our Mission

Our mission is to save the lives of senior dogs through a proven renewal and placement process giving our seniors a high quality of life in loving homes.

Adoption Policy

Our adoption process starts with the completion of our adoption application at

We are unable to answer FB messages, respond to emails, and answer phone inquiries about a dog until we have reviewed an adoption application. If our dog is listed on PetFinder it means the dog is available for adoption. Please do not waste our volunteers' time by emailing to ask if a dog is available.

A few criteria we look for when processing applications:
Good vet references, this means more than your pets just being up to date on vaccinations from a shot clinic.

Not too many animals in a home. We want our seniors to receive much human interaction in their furever homes.

We do NOT adopt our dogs into homes with electric fences.

We do NOT process incomplete applications. Please be sure to read and answer each question when completing our online application.

A phone interview and a home check are mandatory requirements of approving an adoption applicant.

Our adoption process is detailed and lengthy. All of our volunteers work hard at ensuring each one of our senior dogs is placed into a home where he/she will continue to receive the thorough medical care and great love that we provided for the rest of their lives. If you submit an application, we appreciate your patience while we work through our process.

Please note:
All of our dogs reside in foster homes in the greater Pittsburgh, PA area. We do NOT have a public facility or shelter.

Most of our dogs will only be placed in homes within a two hour radius of Pittsburgh, PA.

We do NOT ship our dogs, nor allow our dogs to be placed on transport to a furever home. If an adopter resides out of our area, the adopter is required to come to Pittsburgh as the final step in our adoption process.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets