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Our Mission

“THE ROOTS OF LOVE IN RESCUE” Hemlock Edge Rescue is Non-Profit 501c3 organization dedicated to rescuing homeless, abandoned and abused animals. We are the roots of love in rescue; it all starts with a heartbeat.
Our Primary Goal is to properly match up animals in need of a forever home with the appropriate families.
With our devoted Team, we are able to serve our community and all pet owners by providing education on responsible pet ownership. Strongly believing in the importance of spay/neutering!
We have just planted our Seed in Rescue, now we can grow, with your support! You can help put life into our rescue as we save lives for those in need!
We provide our animals and adopters with a unique adoption process!! Our "Foster to Adopt" Process has proven most effective with insuring our animal’s placement in their forever homes. This also insures the adoptive families are comfortable with their adoption decision!
*We are here to help our community, please reach out to us if you need our assistance in helping any animal in need of food, vetting support, microchipping and SPAY/NEUTERS!!
We will offer our help anyway we can, we will also offer transport!
*We also Partner with CCG/Life planning, to insure senior citizens that we will take care of their Beloved Pets as they move on..
*We Work along the Spayed Club & Pet Care Usa offering low cost spaying/neutering for cats/dogs across Delco, Montco, Chester Counties & Central PA!
The Roots:
Hemlock Edge Rescue, was incorporated in June 13’. But, it didn’t start there…..
Founder Cris Tornetta, Has always had her hands dirty in rescue since a little girl..She would shadow her Grandmother watching and learning how to care for abandoned, sick and strayed animals. Despite her allergies, she always wanted to help assist, love and work for the welfare of the animals. From bottle feeding abandoned baby animals, caring for wounded animals and giving any kind of TLC to a creature in need to Assisting other owners struggling with their own pets. She grew up in this environment, and it all came second nature. Cris' Grandmother was known as “St. Francis” Everyone would say.
She witnessed her grandmother struggle to afford Vetting and Support for the animals in need.. there wasn’t any local resources to help someone “rescuing” back then.
Cris wanted to give back to the animals that rescued her!
She accomplished quite a few Rescue/Adoptions on her own throughout the years, with the guidance of great rescue organizations, but she was ready to do a Whole lot more!
She realized she needed a team!! From the support of friends, family and mentors they gave her the confidence to fly!
And that's when it all started!!
After a launch party of the rescues incorporation in July 13’, putting all the right people in place we went full swing into rescue. A few months into Rescue full time, Cris was struggling with the “run around” from local kill shelters, in her efforts to pull and save the lives of animals on death row right in her neighboring counties. This made her more motivated and she took matters into her own hands. She cashed in her retirement savings, bought an old minivan, with only enough cash in gas to get her where she was destined to be. She headed SOUTH! Where she knew she’d make difference!
Cris put her SMALL team in place and went ALL IN!!
Nov.13’ Hemlock Edge Rescue Drove to 100% Kill shelters All over the mid-south,also working alongside Animal control officers. Saving as many lives as we could.
Since then Hemlock Has run large Transports 8/9 times a year. Saving Dozens and dozens at a time.
Hemlock has also directed our attention to disaster relief rescue. Hemlock made an impact during The LA flood in 16', Hurricane Harvey '17 & Maria bringing dogs over form The Islands. Hurricane Florence ’18. Hemlock even EMPTIED some Shelters Along the way helping local shelters rebuild and Volunteering our time and Donating over 1000lbs of Dog Food, supplies and water to residents and shelters in need!
Hemlock has also began a small Transporting business to help Bring animals in the Areas of Despair to other rescue organizations!
With the Help of Partnering Rescues and a strong Foster/volunteer family, Hemlock Edge Rescue NOW has a loud voice in the animal/rescue community!
TO DATE they have rescued over 700 LIVES!!
Hemlock is coming up on our 5th year and we are moving strong! Please continue to follow their struggles and success stories! They are still in dire need financial support and are always seeking sponsorship's.
Hemlock Edge needs to keep on surviving for the animals, and they can't do it without You!
Thank you to all who have Rescued/Adopted! Hemlock will be looking forward to your support this year!!
H.E.R. will remain Determined and Strong in their efforts!!
In Honor Of “Mom Mom” This is For you!

Adoption Policy

H.E.R operates by a 4 step Adoption Process:
1st Step: Thoroughly review this Application, make sure you understand how we operate and what we expect from our Adopters.
2nd Step: HER will set up a meet and greet with the adoptee. Please ask as many questions as you need during the meet. Make sure you understand the adoption process / puppy adoption process.
3rd Step: HER will schedule with you to begin the Trial. At this Time the home check/Interview will take place and HER will be bring the Adoptee to begin the Foster Trial AS long as everything checks out and is going well. HER will be assisting you to help set up and going over the guidelines to have safe and happy foster Experience with your new family member. (If you live over 1.5hours from Foster home then we need to do a virtual home check using video chat)
4th Step: Once the 2weeks trial is over and you are committed to your new Companion, You will Schedule an Appointment with HER to sign the Adoption Contract and Pay adoption fee.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets