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Freedom First Rescue

Bethlehem, PA

Our Mission

Our mission is to rehome and rehabilitate unwanted and neglected dog. We pull dogs from death row or severe medical cases. We believe you can’t change a dogs past, but you can certainly rewrite their future.

Adoption Policy

Adoption Requirements

We want to ensure that our dogs are ending up in the best homes possible and we ask that you fulfill these requirements in order to adopt one of our dogs:

Our age requirement is 23 year old and we do require a copy of your license to verify.

If you do not own your home, we will require land lord approval.

Everyone in the home needs to be supportive and accepting of the adoption (we run a criminal background checks for all adults over 18 that are living in the household).

All people living in the home need to be able to do a meet and greet with the dog in question for adoption – this includes your current dog(s). This step happens AFTER your application and home visit are approved!

Resident dogs must be surgically altered (spayed/neutered), up to date on core vaccinations (Rabies and Distemper), heartworm tested on a consistent basis AND/OR on monthly heartworm prevention.

IF YOUR DOG IS NOT SPAYED/NEUTERED, DO NOT FILL OUT AN APPLICATION FOR ONE OF OUR DOGS UNLESS you can provide documentation from a licensed veterinarian stating why this is has not be done.

**PLEASE NOTE: Submitting an application does NOT guarantee an adoption. There is a 3 part process. This starts with an application review. If your application is approved, you will move on to step two which is a home check. At that point if you are approved the last and final step will be a meet and greet with the dog in question for adoption.

We DO NOT do female to female dog adoptions with our BULLY BREEDS!! Male to male or male to female adoptions with our bully breed dogs are acceptable!

Recommended Pets

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