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Save the Strays Schuylkill

Ashland, PA

Our Mission

Trap, Neuter, Return season has begun. We are very busy trapping ferals all over our county altering them and returning them to their homes. We have already begun to pull kittens out of our colonies and finding abandoned and stray animals in the process. With the help of our volunteers and foster homes, we are prepared for the season in front of us.

We practice TNR (trap, neuter, and return) on feral colonies. During the tnr process we run into kittens that can be rehabilitated or friendly cats that have most times been abandoned or forgotten. We try very hard to place every adoptable cat/ kitten. We do not euthanize unless there is a major health problem that can not be cured. For our kitten rehabilitation we handle them on a daily basis, they are kept in homes. By the time they are placed into your home, they are well socialized and transition easier into their new homes. Most of our foster homes have children, cats, and dogs.

Adoption Policy

We have many feline companions seeking forever homes. All of our available cats/ kittens live in homes where they have time to adjust and we can determine each ones personality. We are very proud to have the help and volunteers to keep us running. We have had many multiple adopters. We look forward to helping you meet your new companion. We also have barn cats available for placement from time to time. We do help with the transition period. We are also available with any post questions or concerns you may have, we are happy for our current adoptions. Without our adopters, volunteers, foster parents, vets, and local supporters we wouldn't be able to help so many. Last year we had over 150 adoptions for our small scale rescue. We care for 25-50 cats/ kittens at any given time.

We encourage you to visit our available cats/ kittens. We do, however, ask you make an appointment first. We schedule appointments from 9am to 9pm seven days a week. We are happy to help you find your new friend.

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