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Hair of the Dog Rescue Inc

Allentown, PA

Our Mission

Hair of the Dog Rescue Inc, is a 501c3 non-profit, tax exempt organization. Our mission is to help rescue the hundreds of abandoned dogs in the Redlands, Florida, as well as here at home, in the Lehigh Valley, Pa.

The Redlands is an area of Florida that is an undeveloped area of Miami. It is approx 30 square miles of plantations, nurseries, orchards, and not much else.

For whatever reason, the Redlands has become a dumping ground for unwanted pets. Mostly, dogs. There are hundreds of dogs in the Redlands, all breeds, ages and sizes. Most of them are friendly, and all are desperate to find a home.

The Redlands dogs are NOT street dogs or wild (feral) dogs. They are abandoned family pets. Some are even wearing collars. 

Rescues in Florida, take as many as they can, which is hundreds of dogs, yearly, but they can't get ahead of this epidemic.

Hair of the Dog Rescue Inc's mission is to assist by bringing some of these dogs here, to o

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