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Our Mission

Pawsitivity is a small group of folks who care about the well-being of cats in our community and who are working to make a difference. Our mission is to create a better life for feral and stray cats by educating people on the importance of spay/neutering cats, reducing feral and stray cat populations through a spay/neuter program, and helping to create a healthier environment for cats and people.

Adoption Policy

Adopter understands that kittens/cats available for adoption have been rescued from a variety of situations, including neglect/abuse, as such could be subject to health or behavioral problems not known at this time. Adopter agrees and accepts the kitten/cat with this understanding.

The kittens/cats are healthy and up to date on all vaccines and medical treatments which were necessary for the health of the kitten/cat. Rescuer/foster makes no further guarantees or warranties of any kind for health of the kitten/cat and that the adopter assumes all risks at/from the time of initial possession and following.

Adopter understands full responsibility for the health and welfare of the adopted kitten/cat for the duration of the natural life. The responsibility includes all costs for veterinary and health needs, housing and shelter, food and any other expenses related to care and welfare.

Adopter agrees to contact a veterinarian to follow up vaccines, if needed.

Adopter understands that declawing cats is a cruel procedure and will not do that to the adopted kitten/cat.

Adopter agrees to pay the adoption fee/donation.

We do not have an adoption application, but we do want to speak to the potential adopter and ask a few questions in order to make sure we find the right fit for our cats/kittens.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets