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Lucky Dawg Rescue, Rehabilitation, Rehoming

Terrebonne, OR

Our Mission

We take in dogs who are in transition; help them change their attitudes and behaviors (if necessary); spay/neuter; teach them stellar obedience skills; help them with weight issues (if necessary); put them on a high-quality, healthy diet; then re-home them. 

Adoption Policy

Our process is easy. We only ask that prospective adopters are work from home, retired, work only part-time away from home, stay at home parents - since our goal is to have our dogs engaged in the activities/lives of their new families. Dogs were really not meant to sit at home alone 10-12 hours a day.

We ask for 2-3 references (including a Veterinarian) who can be witnesses to the sort of life you'll provide for a new addition.

We only place our dogs with homeowners.

Thanks so much for choosing adoption!

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