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FurFriends Animal Rescue, Inc.

Saint Helens, OR

Our Mission

We are an Oregon-based 501(c)3 non profit organization dedicated to improving and saving lives of animals.

We believe that with some temporary assistance, many animals can remain in their current homes instead of being surrendered to animal "shelters" or rescues.

We believe in helping pets by providing temporary supplies of pet food to families suffering from unemployment, seniors on fixed income and families that are dealing with chronic illness where resources are scarce. These services may be made available from a pet food bank established for this specific purpose.

We believe in spay/neuter program for the purpose of reducing ever so growing population and unfortunate deaths of animals in "kill shelters".
We believe in providing emergency intervention for injured pets that would live a full normal life when appropriate medical services are provided in a timely manner.

We believe in providing temporary foster care for pets whose guardians may need short-term hospital care.
We also believe in helping pets through temporary care & sheltering for abused persons in battered shelters.

Most of all we believe that animals are God's creation and are equally loved by Him. They equal in pain and suffering to human's and need to be loved, cared for, their lives cherished and safeguarded as precious.

Adoption Policy

We are fully foster based rescue and not a facility. In order to meet any dogs in our rescue you need to be fully approved to adopt. We do not accept calls until your application has been received and processed.
Some dogs are not in the state of Oregon and will be transported upon adoption, or to a foster home when one becomes available.
Please email us for more information about the dog you’re interested in adopting: .
We will send you information and next steps on how to apply.
Once you’re approved you will have the opportunity to speak with the foster to find out more detailed information about the dog you applied for.
*** Apply online:

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