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Lancaster Four Dog Rescue, Inc.

Portland, OR

Our Mission

The name Lancaster Four is in honor of four puppies rescued from a backyard breeder in Lancaster California. They were very sick and malnourished. These dogs sparked an investigation into animal abuse in the foster's home where 21 dogs were found in various degrees of illness/injuries. Unfortunately 2 of the puppies passed away.

Lancaster Four Dog Rescue began by rescuing the two surviving puppies and their parents. The puppies were sold with no contracts or spay/neuter agreements. The mother was sold on craigslist un-spayed without a home check or contract for $60.00 all of which went against the requirements set forth before placing with this rescue. Another dog was set to be euthanized because the rescue refused to reclaim the dog.

We continue to work with adopters of other dogs from this so called rescue and assist them in whatever they need while we have also grown to rescue hundreds of other dogs and cats. This story sparked the passion for our continued efforts to rescue responsibly and save as many as we can.

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