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Our Mission

Cat Utopia's mission is to reduce the overpopulation of unwanted felines in the Umatilla County region through rescue, adoption, spay/neuter, and education.

Adoption Policy

Cat Utopia requires an application - which can be done verbally on occasion, with questions that lead us to find the best possible adopter for each animal based on their levels of socialization, capability of handling calm or active homes, other animals, etc. We ask for a vet reference if they have one. We also check landlord approvals if renters. After screening all applicants, one of the board members in conjunction with the foster home, determines which applicant is the best match. All animals must be taken home in a secure carrier, with instructions about how to acclimate the animal in the new home. Cat Utopia is always available to discuss any problems or to take an animal back if not a good match.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets