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Sammy's Animal Rescue Group

Oregon City, OR

Our Mission

Sammy's is a rescue and resource group for dogs and owners in need. We are dedicated to doing our best to help homeless, neglected, pregnant or abused dogs find healthy, loving homes where they are treated like family members.

Adoption Policy

Once a potential adopter makes contact with us, we give them a call to further discuss their situation and the animal of interest. If that goes well, we email an application to the potential adopter. The completed application is reviewed, references are called and if the application is approved, we set up a home visit or a Zoom meeting. If the meeting goes well, we set up a meet and greet with all humans and animals involved. After the meet and greet we all decide if this is the right fit for all and hopefully send a happy dog to its forever home.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets