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Our Mission

Humanely reducing Clatskanie's (Homeless/Feral) cat population thru T/N/R and maintaining a dedicated kitten rescue.

Adoption Policy

We offer two adoption situations and they are both based on reimbursements for procedures performed and work on the concept of each kitty's fees pay forward to the next kitty needing those basic health procedures, ie spay/neuter, chip, vaccination.

Fees for kittens and sometimes tame strays residing in the rescue range from $50 to $125 depending the kitty and the health procedures attained for the kitty by the rescue. Those fees can include spay/neuter, chip, vaccination or other health procedures.

All kitties are treated for worms and fleas upon entering the rescue. Obvious health issues are addressed by a veterinarian. We do our best to take care of each kitty's health needs. However we cannot guarantee there are no health issues that are not obvious to the lay observer. In most cases we do not test for FeLv/Fiv/FIP due to cost unless recommended by a veterinarian.

Rescued kittens are often recovered from feral colonies and often from community members who happen upon neonatal kittens or very young kittens apparently without a mother for various reason.

We expect all adopters to adhere to excepted standards of the care of their pets to include housing, emotion/social needs. health needs to include worming and flea treatment on a regular basis and the ability and desire to seek veterinarian care when necessary.

Due to the uncertainty of housing rules, adopters currently residing in rental homes or apartments must provide proof of 2 year minimum residency at the same place and proof of landlord approval to have a pet.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets