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Our Mission

While Sally's Cat Fund's focus is on feral cats, sometimes that work leads us into the pet-cat world. Cats trapped for spay/neuter surgery who are homeless and friendly cats or are feral kittens, sometimes have the potential to be pets.

If there is space in a foster home, we work to get these cats better lives by training them to be pets. Their foster folks teach and nurture the “potential-pet” cats, so the cats learn to trust and enjoy humans and to live indoors. The transition from feral-cat to pet-cat is time intensive and can take weeks, but the rewards for the cats and the foster people are extraordinary.

When the foster cats blossom in to pets we advertise them for adoption. Because the cats are usually in foster care for some time, we get to know the cats well.

Knowing each cat’s habits, personality and preferences enables us to talk to you about what you are looking for in a cat and describe how well a particular SCF cat would match up with the characteristics you want in your new pet.

Veterinary Care and Adoption Fees
Each cat's veterinary care includes spay or neuter surgery, parasite control, a rabies vaccination and a "four-way" vaccination.

Did you know that adoption fees cover only a fraction of the veterinary costs to prepare a new feline companion to go home with you?
Paying a more generous adoption fee in the amount of your choice would be much appreciated but certainly is not necessary.

Single Kitten $85
Pair of Kittens $150
Adult (one year or older) $65
Pair of Adults $ 120

More about us:
At Sally's Cat Fund, our mission is helping local, feral cats.

We prevent the birth of more homeless and unwanted cats by publicizing clinics where pet or feral cats are fixed for free or for a nominal fee. We support TRNM (Trap, Neuter, Return, Monitor).

We help keep them from going hungry. Supplemental cat food and supplies are given to cat caregivers who otherwise can’t afford them, and to people feeding fixed feral cats.

On a limited basis, we provide medical care for sick or injured feral and homeless cats.

Occasionally, we are able to get better lives for some TNRM cats by making them pets.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets