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Our Mission

Enrich, empower, and educate all animals.

All pets adopted through KAS are adopted with appropriate equipment and training consultations to aid in adoption success.

Adoption Policy

We want to build a long-term relationship with each and every new pet parent.

Our pets are with us for training and they are adopted to only what we believe to be the perfect fit for that animal's unique needs.

Step 1- Online application
Step 2- References & Phone interview
Step 3- meet & greet (initial education lesson) with the pet, and the whole family (including other dogs),
Step 4- Adoption fee and Adoption contract is signed
Step 5- Deliver animal to the new home and assist in setting up the environment for optimal success (If KAS staff finds any evidence that this home or family will not be able to meet the animal needs we reserve the right to take the pet back and issue a refund of the adoption fee if it was already paid.)
Step 6- Follow up with 3 day training session.
Step 7- Follow up with 3 week consult session.
Step 8- Follow up with 3 month consult session.
Step 9- Enjoy your new pet!

(The training support is sometimes subject to change depending on the animal, their behavior challenges or training process, and the family's availability and needs.)

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets