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Our Mission

Our mission is to incorporate the 'Spirit of Aloha' into our rescue by welcoming all breed and sizes into our rescue ohana.

We’re a small foster-based rescue saving dogs from death row at high-kill shelters throughout the west coast. It is our role as a small but mighty rescue to enrich these dogs' lives so we can find them the best suited furever homes here in beautiful, lush Pacific Northwest!

Please join our misson to save more dogs from deathrow by either adopting, fostering, volunteering, or donating today!


Adoption Policy

1. Apply for the puppy/dog you’re interested in-Please read the bio of the puppy/dog that you’re interested in first to ensure that this puppy/dog will fit in with your lifestyle prior to filling out an adoption application.

2. Phone interview-Once we receive your application and decide to move forward, please wait 3-5 days for our adoption coordinator to reach out to you. From there, we will ask a series of questions regarding the dog you applied for. During the phone interview, we will also go over everything regarding the dog you applied for (health concerns, behavioral issues (if any), their personality, how they will be in a home setting, etc.) to make sure we go over a full disclosure so potential adopters are aware of the dog they are applying for.

3. Meet and greet- During the phone interview, our adoption coordinator will set up a time/place to schedule a meet and greet with the puppy/dog you applied for. A meet and greet ensures the puppy/dog you applied for is the pawfect match! We ask that during meet and greets please ALWAYS let the dog approach and sniff you first!

If you are bringing your dog with you, we have careful instructions on dog-to-dog introductions.
Bringing your dog with you during the meet and greet?

If you’re planning to bring your doggy companion to a meet and greet please allow us to make it a slow and careful introduction. Both dogs need to be kept on a leash by walking across the street from each other first, slowly building up to an introduction making sure we allow both dogs to have enough space to get adjusted to one another. For more details, read “Introducing Dogs to Each Other.”

In addition, make sure to bring that high-value treats during the walk to praise each dog to make it a positive interaction!
Please be mindful- we are a volunteer run team so please value the time we take to set aside for meet and greets. Our volunteers make sure to take time out of their busy day to attend meet and greets so please be mindful and courteous of their time. We understand things come up, so please reach out to us 48 hours in advance if you can no longer attend the meet and greet.

4. Home check- One of our adoption coordinators will schedule a day/time that works best for both parties to do a home check. This can also be done the same day as the meet & greet. We understand that home checks can seem like an awkward thing but it’s a requirement for the adoption process in order to move forward with finalizing the adoption. We want to ensure each home is equipped to provide a comfortable space for your brand new companion.

5. Adoption trial- We like to offer our potential adopters a 7-10 day adoption trial as an option before finalizing adoption. We have seen great results with adoption trials running a lot smoother rather than just placing a rescue dog into someone’s home and with the risk of adopters possibly changing their minds about being fully committed to the dog they applied for. Adoption trials allow potential adopters to make sure they are fully committed to the dog before finalizing the adoption.

6. Sign adoption contract/pay adoption fee- the last and final step of the adoption process is for the adoption coordinator to go over the adoption contract with adopters to ensure secure adoption before the dog will be under a new ownership. The adoption coordinator will go over the adoption contract to ensure adopters have a clear understanding that they will be taking the entire responsibility and ownership for life. The adoption contract is a legal binding that ensures that both parties are in agreement that the dog/dogs are being transferred to a permanent ownership.

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