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(F.O.S.T.E.R. Inc) Final Option Sanctuary Team Emergency Rescue Inc.

Beaverton, OR

Our Mission

We help homeless and medically needy animals get the care they need and the homes they deserve.

Adoption Policy

We ask for a collection of voluntary information about the home and people who seek to adopt. We don't require a full application but do appreciate the information filled in voluntarily. If there is a dearth of info provided by the interested party it raises some questions that would need be answered in another way such as a phone conversation. If all seems alright with these steps an appointment to meet the animal is made at the foster home. (Covid has changed this, for the duration all references for veterinary or social references are checked before a meeting is arranged.) The fosterer will observe the interaction with the potential adopter. The pet gets a say in the adoption and if the animal does not particularly take to the person then the adoption will not go forward. The fosterer is in the best position to know the animals feelings. The fosterer can quietly reject any adopter for that animals and another reason for the rejection will be given. We dont want to put an animal where it won't be happy. A wonderful pet adopter and a wonderful pet just might not make a connection no matter how much the adopter wants that particular pet. In this case the adopter would be approved to adopt but not approved to adopt that specific pet.

If a meet and greet goes well then the landlord if any or lease agreement proving pets are permitted will need to be checked, if the home is owned this step is skipped.

The last step is for an experienced member of the board to bring the pet to its new home and take a glance to make sure it is a decent home for the animal. Its not a full home inspection but a quick look. Only if there was a specific need of the animal for a specific environment would there be an inspection to make sure those needs were met. Usually all the family has met the animal before we get to this point but Covid year has temporarily changed this. All members of the home must be seen interacting with the pet before an adoption will be permitted to go through. A bad feeling about a person in the homes interaction with the pet will cancel the pending adoption.

If there are no red flags, and home and family and situation and pet are all good then the adoption form is filled out, it gives a number of days (7-30 depending) to cancel the adoption and get a refund. The pet can always be returned but the fee has a limited time for a refund. We do not want to get a request for a refund on an adoption of a kitten 6 months after adoption. The fee is paid, the adoption contract signed, medical record copies are given, the pet is left at new home. If all is still good at the end of the 7-30 day period the new family confirm this and the microchip is transferred.

The contract requires there not be any declaw or docking of ears or tail, or cosmetic alteration of the animals body. The contract also requires pet must be indoor only or on a leash or contained when outdoors. The contract requires that if the animal will no longer be kept by the adopter and it isn't being transferred to a close family member or friend that it be returned to the rescue. No pet we adopt out should be offered for public adoption or turned into a shelter. We will always take them back.

Pet will have a stretch or break away collar with a contact tag on in at the time of transfer.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets