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405 Animal Rescue Inc

Shawnee, OK

Our Mission

An estimated 11 million cats and dogs are killed in United States shelters each year. Our organization strives to help beat those odds as much as possible by rescuing animals off death-row and euthanasia, rescuing unwanted animals, promoting spay and neuter, microchipping to increase the return-to-owner rate, socialize and rehabilitate mentally and physically abused animals, and much more. We go above and beyond to adopt our our wonderful, deserving animals out to approved homes to kick start them into their new lives, full of love, happiness and security.

Adoption Policy

Submit an Adoption Application

Please allow 3-5 business days to process your application.

Application Status - Approved or Denied

The foster parent for your inquired animal will reach out for a meet and greet if you are approved. Please email if 5 business days have passed and you have not heard back.

Meet and Greet

Ideally this will take place in the potential adopters home. If not, this can be done in a public setting. Puppies with less than 3 rounds of DHPP shall not have paws on the ground in public whatsoever to prevent illness.

Schedule the Adoption Day

Adoptions are scheduled after a successful meet and greet with an official 405 Animal Rescue adoption counselor via our scheduling link. We do not do same day or “on-site” adoptions.

Pay the Adoption Fee

You will receive a PayPal invoice for the adoption fee prior to adoption. Should you prefer cash or check, this can be handled at the time of adoption with an official 405 Animal Rescue adoption counselor.

PayPal can be sent to:

Take Your New Family Member Home


Adoption fee is only refundable within 24 hours, upon request.

It is expected of you to give your animal ADEQUATE time to adjust. Every animal adjusts differently, and if you expect your animal to be perfect right off the bat, you’re not the adopter we’re looking for, unfortunately. Adopted animals (typically) take 3 DAYS to decompress, 3 WEEKS to start to know your routine and 3 MONTHS to start to feel at home. Give them that chance.

If the animal is no longer wanted, as stated on the adoption application/contract, the animal must be returned to 405 Animal Rescue with proper notice to find a new foster family. (NEVER rehomed or taken to the shelter) Please note it can take several weeks for placement to be found.

If needed, we can recommend trainers, veterinarians, food, advice, etc. We do not make any guarantees.

Please keep in touch and send pictures!

Recommended Pets

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