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Seminole Humane Society

1200 Montgomery boulevard
Seminole, OK 74818

Our Mission

The Seminole Humane Society has run the Seminole Animal Shelter since 2015, resulting in a dramatic increase in adoptions which allows the shelter to be a virtual no kill facility. The Seminole Humane Society reorganized in 2008 with the mission to help the stray and abandoned animals of Seminole, Oklahoma. The society assists with the rescue, spaying and neutering, and adoption of dogs and cats.

Adoption Policy

  • day hours
    Monday 11 am -3 pm
    Tuesday 11 am -3 pm
    Wednesday 11 am -3 pm
    Thursday 11 am -3 pm
    Friday 11 am -3 pm
    Saturday 11 am - 1 pm
    Sunday Closed

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