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Forever Friends Humane Society

Sallisaw, OK

Our Mission

We believe all living creatures are worthy of love and respect. We work very hard at placing our rescues in Forever Homes with their Forever Families. "The Definition of "Forever" from the dictionary: Without ever ending; eternally; to last forever; continually; incessantly; always; an endless or seemingly endless period of time.......

Adoption Policy

We are 501(c)3 Non-Profit and Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Licensed #SLT00073 no-kill rescue. Some of our animals are in foster homes and some are listed for families needing to place their pet. If we have a pet on our site that is a request from someone for placement please contact the number or email that will be listed in the pet's bio. If you have a pet you would like for us to help place email us with all the animal's information, including pictures. Please keep in mind that we are not a shelter so we may not always be able to take your pet. We will however place it on our webpage and do what we can to help you find the forever home.

You must be 21 years of age. You must have a fenced yard to be considered. If you are interested in one of our pets on our webpage the first step is filling out the application. Once we receive it we will review it and if we have any questions or if it is approved we will contact you to set up an appointment. We are foster home based so an appointment will be required.

WE DO NOT SHIP. We cannot hold a pet for more than 3 days once an application is received and approved. We do understand that some circumstance can arise and we will do our best to work through it.

All animals adopted are permanently placed. Under NO circumstances will ANY of the animals adopted from the Forever Friends Humane Society be used for fighting, laboratories, resale, abuse or neglect. These animals are adopted for the sole purpose of being in a "Forever" home with a "Forever" family....forever!  We will give all animals their first set of shots, their first dose of worming and flea/tick preventative on intake and this will be up to date as they age before adopted. We cannot guarantee, nor can we be responsible for the health of your pet once you have adopted it. We will make sure they are given what is required and needed and fed a proper diet while in our care. If one comes to us with an obvious problem, we will take care of it immediately. Once the puppy or kitten reaches age that it can be altered this will be done before adoption. This is a state mandatory law that all animals adopted from a rescue must be spayed and/or neutered; if you do not plan on wanting this done, then do not plan on adopting a pet from us. We DO NOT allow declawing of ANY cat/kitten adopted from our organization.  We feel it is cruel and inhumane to do this to any animal.  If you are considering this operation on one of your pets please do extensive research before you put your pet through this extremely painful and unnecessary procedure.

There is a $25 surrender fee for animals surrendered to FFHS. To surrender you will need to email information on pet(s) along with pictures and please include a phone number and your location.

FFHS ADOPTION APPLICATION (copy and paste into an email please):

FFHS Adoption Application
Name of the pet you are applying for:
Your full name:
State & Zip:
Driver's License State:
Age of person filling out application:
Are there children in the home? Yes No
If yes, their ages:
Your e-mail address:
Phone Numbers - Cell/Work:
Is this pet for you or someone else?
If for someone else, explain who and the reason:
Will you allow FFHS representative to do home check? Yes No
Do you: Rent Own
If renting, please provide name and phone number of landlord:
Do you have a secure fence? Yes No
Have you owned pets before? Yes No
Have you ever had to give up a pet before? Yes No
If yes, for what reason?
Where will you keep your pet during the day?
And at night?
How many other pets do you have and what are they?
Have they all been spayed/neutered and up to date on their vaccinations? Yes No
If NO please state reason why:
Do you plan to declaw if adopting a cat? (understanding that the process is cutting off the first digit of the toe NOT the claw) Yes No
Do you understand that declawing can cause severe behavioral issue? Yes No
Are you willing to sign a contract stating that you will NOT declaw the cat you are adopting? Yes No
Who is your Vet?
Please include address and phone number:
If pet is not under your name, please provide name of record holder:
Do you agree that once you adopt the pet he/she becomes your responsibility (if pet becomes sick and requires vet care FFHS will not be held responsible for cost of any care for the pet)? Yes No
Have you spoken with an FFHS representative about this pet? Yes No
Please indicate the name of the FFHS representative:

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