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F5RS - Frisky Ferrets Fuzzies Feathered Friends Rescue

Youngstown, OH

Adoption Policy

1). We do not adopt out to children. Parents must agree to be the primary caregiver; older youth will be considered a secondary caregiver.
2.) We interview all applicants for the adoption of any and all of our adoptees.
3.) Adoption fees are based on age, health, and type of adoption.
4.) All adopters must have a veterinarian, and all pets should see veterinarian within 10 days of adoption.
5.) We will take back any adoptee within the first three months, minus a percent fee.
6.) If for any reason you can't keep the bunny(s) you must contact F5RS. We will take back your adopted pet minus the adoption fee.
7). Bunnies must be inside pets, and all pets must have appropriate sized areas, preferably an x-pen.
8}. We do not adopt bunnies as classroom pets for the well being and safety of the bunny. All our pets have had a general healthcare veterinarian check-up. Adoption fees help to cover this cost.

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