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Our Mission


Doggie Detour is a small independent rescue located in Upper Sandusky Ohio. Doggie Detour is a not for profit family run  rescue and relies solely on adoption fees and donations from kind-hearted people  to off set the cost of vetting and caring for the dogs in our care.

Doggie Detour is a mission that grew from our love of dogs. We love all kinds of critters but there is no other animal that touches our heart quite  like a dog does. Dogs are the most noble, forgiving, honest, non judging, and loving creatures ever put on this earth and their devotion to their family is endless. Wonderful dogs are dying everyday simply because there are  not enough homes for them.

The majority of the dogs we rescue are what we call at risk. Most often that means they are in a kill shelter and are at risk of being euthanized. The conditions that are found in some of these dog pounds are deplorable as is the case of our local dog pound.

Dogs that end up in Wy

Adoption Policy

                                                       ADOPTION PROCESS


After looking at and selecting a dog that you would like to adopt from Doggie Detour please fill out an application. Applications can be found at

After your application has been approved we will call to talk to you a little more and set up an appointment to meet the chosen dog . At that time the adoption fee will be collected and the dog may go home with you (and your family).

 Our average adoption fee is between $175 - $250  this is needed to help cover vetting and daily costs of caring for the rescue dogs so we can continue to save more dogs. 

****Sometimes may have an older dog or perhaps a hard to place dog that w

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets