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Voice For Horses Rescue Network

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Toledo, Ohio 43697-0566
Toledo, OH 43697

Adoption Policy

Adoption: Voice For Horses Rescue Network offers alternatives to owners other than slaughter, auction or FREE to an unknown fate when they are no longer able or willing to care for an equine. By surrendering horse/s into our program, they will never be allowed to be sold, bred or given away without written approval from the board. All horses will be placed into loving, caring and pre-inspected homes. These horses will be monitored 1-2 times per year to ensure the safety and well being of the animal. When you adopt a horse from our rescue you are basically taking a lifetime lease on the horse. The horse once adopted can never be sold, given away, taken to auction/slaughter, surrendered to another agency, traded, bred, raced (x-racer) or leased. If an adopter is no longer able to care for
the equine, The adopted horse MUST be RETURNED back to VFHRN at the cost of the adopter. ** We have a NO BREEDING POLICY

Adoption Fees: FREE- All Companion Horse who are unable to be ridden for what ever reason. Or unbroken Horses who required training but, Adopter does have to pay $150 for Health Certificate and Coggins & $55 for Vet Care (vaccinations)

Adoption Fees Range from FREE to $5000

Fees will vary and depend on the following factors:

Age of horse, health and physical well being of horse, riding ability and training or lack of.

It is our policy that EVERY equine who comes to Voice For Horses Rescue Network is brought up to date with :

* Vaccinations (WEE, EEE, Tetanus and WNV)
* Coggins Test
* Dental Check
* Farrier Care
?* Worming
* Evaluated as to training or lack of training.

Disclaimer: Voice For Horses Rescue Network does not always know the entire history of the rescue horses who come into the program and therefore cannot guarantee the health, soundness, trainability or appropriateness for a specific discipline. We are alway honest with potential adopters and will share with you our , knowledge observations of any horse's personality, physical attributes and potential.

If the horse needs to be rehabilitated before being available for adoption, we will do so.
We expect to have every new arrival with us for a minimum of 1-8 weeks, BEFORE they are available for adoption.

** There are acceptions if an adopter wants to rehab a horse on their own and has the means/knowledge & finances to do so, we will consider the possibilities of adoption on a case by case basis.

** Once approved to adopt and you want VFHRN to hold that particular horse(s) the potential adopter will be required to make a $50 (NON-REFUNDABLE) deposit to hold the horse for 7 days if the potential adopter changes their mind or does not set up an apt to view the horse within the 7 days the $50 becomes a donation to the rescue. If longer than 7 days special arrangements may be made. If you chose to not adopt after viewing the horse the fee will become a donation unless there is another horse to apply it to. if you chose to adopt the $50 goes towards the adoption fee. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

A note about adoption visits- No "Drop-In's", please!
We love to meet our donors and friends! However, we work with law enforcement and have to be mindful of security, and mindful of liability issues as well. For those reasons, we must insist that you make an appointment to come to the property to visit for any reason.
Horse Adoption Process
?The adoption process is designed to assure the best possible match possible between horses and adopters Voice For Horses Rescue Network.

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