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The Compassionate Village

Toledo, OH

Our Mission

We Believe, wholeheartedly in our mission. That animal rescue indeed takes a VILLAGE. That both animals and humans deserve compassion, respect and dignity. That the animals who have been let down by humans, who have suffered unthinkable abuse and neglect, deserve a chance at a beautiful life! They deserve the opportunity to decompress, heal and to learn to trust humans again. Does this take time? Yes. Yes, it does. Is it worth it? ALWAYS. Our team of passionate volunteers are dedicated to the “not so easy” cases. The dogs who have endured a life of trauma, resulting in behaviors that are learned and often a fear-based response. We’ve witnessed, first-hand, the successful rehabilitation of both dogs and cats in our program who simply need to be given a chance. Who need time. Who need GRACE. We are here to give it to them. We are here to teach animals that not all humans are bad. We are here to BE THEIR VOICE.

We thank you for your support and contributions, allowing us to further our mission of serving both animals and humans throughout our community with love and compassion.


With Gratitude,
The TCV Team

Adoption Policy


We value the human-animal bond and we believe that the process of adopting a new pet (AKA: a new member of the family) is a beautiful journey. A journey that takes time. It is important to us that we give each and every adoptable cat and dog in our program adequate time to decompress, adapt and bond with their new humans, home and lifestyle, prior to finalizing their adoption. So, we've created a "Foster-to-Adopt" protocol for all of our adoptable pets! This protocol ensures that the cat or dog of your choosing is the right match for you and that you are also the right match for them!


1. Submit your application online (we do not have time to reply to Pet Finder "inquiries." Please submit an app).

2. Provide both personal and Veterinary references

3. Speak with an authorized TCV representative over the phone to discuss your application.

4. Schedule your home visit and meet and greet with dog or cat that you're interested in adopting. *All members of the adoption applicant's family, who live at the residence of applicant (pets included), must be present during the home visit*

5. If approved upon completion of your home visit, you'll complete a Foster-to-Adopt contract.

6. Schedule date for dog or cat's official Foster-to-Adopt placement in your home!

7. Adopter must remain in Foster-to-Adopt status for a *minimum* of one month, providing the adoptable dog or cat ample time to adjust to their new humans, home and any existing pets in the home.

8. If both the adopter and authorized TCV representative deem the match a successful one, then a formal adoption will be scheduled at the adopter's home with an adoption day photo shoot and completion of all adoption contracts, including adoption fee donation.


Our adoption fee covers all Veterinary costs. This includes: spay/neuter costs, vaccines: bordetella, distemper/parvo, rabies, fecal test, deworming, heartworm screening and treatment as needed, heartworm and flea/tick preventative, microchip and registration, grooming, boarding, ID tags, collars and any other Vet costs which may be incurred.

$200 Adult Dogs
$250 Puppies


Our adoption fee covers all Veterinary costs. This includes: spay/neuter costs, vaccines: feline distemper, rabies and Feline Leukemia (when age-appropriate), fecal, deworming, flea preventative, microchip and registration, boarding and any other Vet costs which may be incurred.

$80 Adult Cats
$100 Kittens

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets