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DogWorks Inc. Canine Rescue and Placement

Toledo, OH

Our Mission

Dogworks is an all-volunteer, nonprofit group based in Toledo, OH, whose purpose is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home abandoned, neglected, and unwanted dogs.

Dogworks was established in 2006 through the hard work of Kristine and Jim Sulinksi. Each year, Dogworks has rescued approximately 100 dogs from homelessness or euthanasia. Dogworks is federally recognized as a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization.

Our focus in the past had been on sporting dogs, both purebreds and mixed breeds. Currently, we strive to help any dog in need of rescue and a forever home. Most dogs are rescued from euthanizing shelters, although some come to us from relinquishing owners or other means.

All dogs rescued by Dogworks receive appropriate veterinary care with emphasis on spay/neuter, vaccination, heartworm testing, and medication for flea and heartworm prevention. These measures control overpopulation and infectious diseases in our communities.

All dogs are fostered in volunteer homes until adoption. We do not have a shelter or kennel facility. Our primary goal is placement of companion dogs in permanent, well-matched homes. We do not adopt dogs for the sole purpose of hunting.

Dogworks is also committed to educating Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan about responsible pet ownership. This includes routine veterinary care as well as appropriate identification and containment of dogs to prevent illness and loss.

Adoption Policy

Dogworks strives to place dogs into permanent homes based on the dogs' personalities and yours. To adopt a dog, we require a completed application, signed adoption contract, and home visit.

Applications can be submitted online, by mail, or in person at adoption events. Once your application has been submitted, we will contact your references and consider suitability. You will be contacted by phone or email, typically within 4 business days, to make arrangements for adoption. If a particular dog is not placed with you, it does not mean that your application has been rejected. Dogworks receives multiple applications for some dogs. Foster families always have the first option to adopt.

We do not approve applications on a first come basis as we strive for placement that is best for the dog and adoptive family. The home environment, family composition and yard are very important considerations in our decision to place a dog in a home. Some dogs do not do well with young children or cats, and our hounds require a fenced yard as examples of our decision process.

Adoption fees are variable (typically $125-$500.00) and are listed with the description of each dog. All fees collected are used to cover rescue expenses, including foster care and veterinary expenses. Adoption fee will be refunded if you decide that the dog is not compatible with your family within 2 weeks.

All dogs have received age appropriate vaccinations, GI dewormer, and heartworm test prior to adoption if they are old enough. Adult dogs and puppies older than 12 weeks are spayed/neutered. Adopters of younger puppies may be required to sign an agreement to complete spay/neuter by 5 months of age. We will assist with spay/neuter costs. All of our dogs and puppies will be microchipped prior to adoption.

Adopters will receive a copy of medical records when adoption contract has been signed and adoption fees have been paid in full.

Requirements for adoption:
Please be aware that your adoption application WILL NOT be approved by Dogworks unless ALL of these criteria are met:

>Adopters must be within a one hour radius of Toledo.
>Adopters must be at least 21 years of age.
>Veterinary reference must be positive.
>All dogs in the home must be spayed/neutered.
>All members of the household must be in agreement to adopt.
>Individual needs of the dog must be met in prospective home (e.g., fully fenced yard for all hounds).

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