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12/13/22  We don't have any dogs in our program right now but please check back often as our status can change at a moment's notice.

We're located in northeast Ohio and are affiliated with the Irish Setter Club of America. For that reason we only accept purebred Irish Setters into our program.  Our adoption process requires an application, veterinarian reference(s), and a home visit so homes in or very near Ohio are preferred.  We also require that all of our dogs be house dogs since Irish Setters don't do well being outside-only dogs.  They are active dogs and need to run and, for most, a fenced yard is needed to provide a safe area for exercise.  An invisible fence might also be considered for very young, trainable rescues and for rescues who have been invisible fence-trained.  Absent a fenced yard, a tie-out would be considered for our older dogs. Our standard adoption fee is $250; this fee may be reduced or waived for senior or special needs dogs.

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