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Clark County Dog Shelter

5201 Urbana Road
Springfield, OH 45502

Our Mission

As the Dog Warden for Clark County (Ohio state law requires every county to have one), it is our job is to enforce state dog laws and ensure the safety of our counties public. We do this by patrolling the county for stray and vicious dogs. We take pride in our ability to keep the public safe while still ensure the dogs are taken care of humanely. In 2020 we brought in over 804 dogs. We are very happy to say that we were able to reunite 257 of those dogs back with their owners and adopted 195 dogs into new forever homes. We sent 119 dogs to verified rescues, and took 28 dogs directly to the Clark County SPCA.

Our function as the Dog Warden of Clark County include:
Abandonment, cruelty / neglect, and bite quarantines
Enforcing of dog laws
Licensing of dogs
Public health and safety

Adoption Policy

For those interested in adopting our shelter dogs, please call Clark County Dog Shelter at 937-521-2140 for an appointment.

Address: 5201 Urbana Road, Springfield, OH 45502. We accept cash and credit/debit cards (small convenience fee).

  • day hours
    Monday 12-3 By Appointment
    Tuesday 12-3 By Appointment
    Wednesday Closed
    Thursday 12-3 By Appointment
    Friday 12-3 By Appointment
    Saturday 12-3 By Appointment
    Sunday Closed
    By appointment only
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