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Forgotten 4 Paws

PO Box 134
Pickerington, OH 43147

Adoption Policy

Matching responsible pet guardians with Forgotten 4-Paws' cats is our primary goal. We carefully interview potential adopters because we want to make sure the right match is made! Our Forgotten 4-Paws 'interviewers' do a great job of matchmaking.
We work hard to fit your adoption criteria with the pets we have up for adoption. We want the adoption to be successful for both you and the cat or dog! Too often pets end up in shelters because they were never a good match for their homes in the first place. At Forgotten 4-Paws, we look for people who intend to provide a home for the life of the pet and understand what that requires.

Start by completing an application. Online adoption applications are available at Please email any questions Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee that a dog or cat will be placed with you.

Once you submit your application, a Forgotten 4-Paws volunteer will contact you for an interview and to talk about the specific pet that you expressed interest in.

After the interview process, we will set up a time for you to meet and spend more time with the pet(s) to make sure a successful match has been made. This can be at one of our adoption events, we can set up a one-on-one meeting or move forward to a home visit (home visits are a required process for dogs and are used on a case by case basis with the cats).

After a one-on-one meeting or home visit, if approved the volunteer will make arrangements for your new pet to join your family.

The adoption fees are $85.00 for one cat/kitten or $140 for two cats/kittens.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets