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CATSS is a non-profit organization in Oberlin, Ohio, with a mission of preventing births of stray cats, while improving the lives of those cats who have no home. The donation-funded, volunteer-operated organization's primary purpose, among other activities, is to keep the feral cat populations under control through a system of trapping, neutering, and returning (TNR) local feral cats to their original locations while providing ongoing care to them.



Adoption Policy

CATSS offers tame cats and kittens for adoption. CATSS is not a shelter and does not have a central location. All of cats are cared for by a network of foster homes. Fixed adoptable cats and kittens can be adopted for a $75.00 adoption fee. The fee covers the cost of deworming, alteration and vaccines. Unfixed adoptable kittens can be adopted for a $100.00 adoption fee with the possibility of a $50.00 rebate upon proof of alteration.You can view all of our available cats and kittens via the website PetFinder.


CATSS currently serves the city of Oberlin, Ohio and clients living within the Oberlin City Schools District. CATSS has been extremely successful in reducing the cat population in Oberlin. However, many of the calls we receive come from the communities of Lorain, Elyria, and Wellington. We do not currently have the resources to serve these areas. Please understand that we cannot assist individuals or cats outside of our defined territory.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets