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The Cat's Cradle of Stark County

P.O. Box 63
Middlebranch, OH 44652

Our Mission

The Cat's Cradle is a non-profit volunteer-based organization dedicated to helping homeless feline companion animals. Our mission is to...

Provide temporary shelter for homeless cats and kittens at foster homes

Meet the medical needs of the cats and kittens housed in foster care

Promote responsible pet ownership through information and education

Place rescued cats and kittens in loving permanent homes

There are several ways to donate and contribute to the care of Cats Cradle kittens.

1. Donate an item from our wish list:

2. Shop our Chewy wish list:

3. Monetary donations can be mailed to the following address: P.O. Box 63
Middlebranch, OH 44652

Adoption Policy

Our policy is that our kittens must be adopted in pairs. Here's why:

God knew what He was doing when He created kittens in litters!

• Kittens learn from each other. They learn feline communication and behaviors, such as how to greet another cat, how to show affection or to ask another cat to play. This isn’t something we can teach them - they are be able to learn from watching the other kitten and copying their behaviors.

• Kittens are social creatures and because of this they need early experiences to learn about other cats. Kittens that have grown up with feline company are more accepting of it when they are older. If you think you would like another cat in the future, it makes sense to get two as kittens.

• Kittens love to play. They have a wide variety of play behaviors: play with objects such as cat toys or shoe-laces, chasing, running, hiding, leaping, and even chasing their own (or another cat’s) tail. There are several ideas about why play is important, such as practicing hunting behaviors, developing motor skills, keeping fit, and learning about the environment and social bonds.

• Kittens are curious and crave constant stimulation. Out of boredom, a single kitten will often entertain itself by chewing plants, climbing drapes and furniture, unrolling toilet paper, exploring electrical cords and sockets, etc. Kittens who live with other kittens will less likely entertain themselves with behaviors like these, which can be destructive and dangerous.

• Kittens bite and wrestle with one another--normal behavior. Though it’s not acceptable for a kitten to bite and wrestle with its human, in the absence of having a litter-mate or companion to play with, this is precisely what a single kitten will want to do. Even if you are willing to allow (and can tolerate) this behavior from your kitten, by the time the kitten matures, you will end up with an adult cat who has developed very bad habits (i.e., biting and scratching as “play”).

• So they can just be cats. Having a second kitten around gives it the opportunity to do the things that being a cat involves – observing other cats, snuggling up together, grooming each other and so on.

The Cats Cradle of Stark County's policy is that young kittens be adopted in pairs. This policy is NOT based on a desire to increase our number of adoptions. Rather this ensures that the kittens we rescue, nurture, and love are adopted into homes that offer the best possible environment for their social development. We understand that some people will still want to adopt a single kitten. We suggest you adopt from a local animal shelter where kittens may not otherwise find any home.

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