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CAMELOT Puppy Sanctuary

Mcarthur, OH

Adoption Policy

Our adoption process does not require an application. We prefer to talk to our potential adopters with a phone call..even if they take you to an application. We are raw feeders and have experienced so many benefits with the Natural and carnivore specific diets with herbal and homeopathic support.
Our adoptions are for a Free Will donation, unless there is a re-homing fee listed with the pet, due to large amount of $dollars with emergency vet bills..or the pet is being listed from a pet that we are helping someone else re-home. Please see our Adopt-a-pet website to sponsor any any of our pets or make a donation.
If you are visiting our Sanctuaries, We are ALWAYS in need of old towels, comforters, pillows and sheets.
If you would like to sponsor this pet or make a donation here is our PayPal link.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets