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The Animal Care Center at Granville

Granville, OH

Our Mission

Our team at The Animal Care Center at Granville is a group of highly dedicated, compassionate and knowledgeable health care professionals committed to providing our clients and their pets with state-of-the-art, full-service and sensitive veterinary care based on the highest ethical standards in our field.
Our primary purpose is to serve those clients who regard their pets as members of their families and who desire the best in health care for them. Our philosophy of practice is deeply rooted in the principles of preventative medicine with communication and education a significant focus. We believe in and fully support the importance and integrity of the human animal bond and continually strive for excellence in veterinary medicine, management and service.

Adoption Policy

The adopters must provide adequate food, water, housing, exercise and grooming for the pet. They will treat this pet humanely at all times and provide proper medical care. Proper medical care includes annual vaccines, heartworm prevention and annual exams by a licensed veterinarian. They will agree to obey local licensing and confinement laws. They understand that no pet can be adopted to anyone under the age of 21 years.
The Animal Care Center at Granville will be in no way responsible for any damage the pet may inflict on another, my property or the property of another. No attempt will be made to hold The Animal Care Center at Granville legally or financially responsible. The adopters will accept the condition of the animal as is at the time of adoption. The Animal Care Center at Granville is not responsible for any medical conditions not readily detected prior to, at the time of adoption or discovered after.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets